New Malden to Raynes Park Petition

An open letter from both the Kingston and Merton Cycling Campaign, as issued to the local press in support of our petition.

In support of the New Malden to Raynes Park Greenway link.

As proposed in both the Merton and Kingston bids for the Mayor's “mini-Holland” programme, the opportunity to greatly improve the facilities for walking and cycling between New Malden and Raynes Park is an ambition held by both our councils.

Kingston was one of the three successful outer London boroughs and this link is now part of its “GoCycle” programme. It will deliver a safe, direct, high quality facility for people to walk or cycle regardless of age or ability. With a convenient alternative, many more will be able to leave the car at home for local journeys, providing benefits to the community's health and relief to our congested roads.

The route will pass across land owned by Thames Water. It contains pipes which have reached the end of their life and are now a danger to the area. When replaced, the path will be placed above the new pipes, and the land opened up as a new green space for all to enjoy, a linear park with consideration for and protection of the local wildlife.

We know that there is some opposition to the creation of this route, but we are sure the concerns can be sensibly addressed. Therefore the Kingston and Merton Cycling Campaigns support this project, and would encourage everyone who feels the same to sign our petition.

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Jon Fray
Kingston Cycling Campaign
Charles Barraball
Merton Cycling Campaign